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One More Reason Hoda Kotb is My Hero

April 23, 2018

One More Reason Hoda Kotb is My Hero

by Karen Kramer

I have loved Hoda Kotb for years. She has an infectious smile and an effortlessly positive outlook on life that I wish I could match.  After watching Hoda work hard for years, I am happy that she now has the job she deserves as the co-host of The Today Show. I start my mornings watching her share the day’s news with professionalism and positivity, something the world definitely needs.

As a breast cancer survivor, Hoda is no stranger to the difficulties that a cancer diagnosis brings. She has always been open and has shared her story honestly. She has dealt with life’s ups and downs with grace. I have such admiration for that, and as a previvor, I have found strength in her. We also have little things in common (even though she doesn’t know it J) that draw me to her: both born in 1964, both have hair that keeps us out of the rain, both try to give back to the community where we can, etc. She already has a best friend named Karen, or I’d find a way to wiggle myself into her life.

I think I could not admire Hoda more; and then, I see her wearing a FORCE bracelet, and I have one more reason to love this woman!  Just look at this photo—Hoda is wearing the bracelet stack that Sisco Berluti designed for FORCE. I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! I adore Hoda. I adore Sisco Berluti bracelets. Seeing them together just makes my day. Just in case you want a FORCE bracelet stack like me and Hoda, here you go.

Karen Kramer is the Senior Vice President of Marketing for FORCE. 

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