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Introducing Project Life

April 20, 2023

Introducing Project Life

Finding purpose after a significant medical diagnosis can be difficult.  For those of us who are diagnosed with Stage IV Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC), finding purpose can dramatically affect our quality of life.  Many people living with MBC find that purpose and significance through advocacy, while many others struggle to find their niche and long to participate in advocacy.

Enter Project Life.

Project Life ( is a virtual wellness house for the MBC community, their caregivers and allies.  At Project Life, we have created a virtual home-life environment for those living with MBC to have a safe space to learn, connect and grow through the most difficult experience of their lives.  Additionally, through our Mentor and Training Programs, we assist in preparing and supporting our participants to live their best lives with purpose as veteran mentors and others provide them with support and encouragement.  Our goal is to ensure that no one living with MBC does so alone.

In June and July of 2023, Project Life will host its inaugural Advocacy Bootcamp, which will focus on people living with MBC or caring for someone living with MBC who are looking to find/establish their advocacy niche.  We will first spend time helping each participant to discover and learn about themselves, their personalities and how these insights can influence advocacy. Then, we will establish a space and provide exercises to create a vision board and vision statements for advocacy.  Finally, each participant will have an advocacy mentor and will receive personalized introductions to organizations with whom the participant desires to volunteer.

Applications for Advocacy Bootcamp will open in April. We invite anyone interested to fill out an application at after creating a free account.  Feel free to send your questions or requests for more details to Abigail Johnston, Director Mentorship for Project Life, an email at [email protected].

Abigail Johnston, Esquire is the Director of Mentorship at Project Life MBC.

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