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Nipple & Areola

This section outlines the many options available and information about reconstructing breasts following mastectomy.

Areola tattooing

Once the nipple is created, the area surrounding it is tattooed to simulate the areola. Your surgeon may perform the tattooing in his office, or he may have a specially-trained technician do the tattooing. Some surgeons refer their patients to professional tattoo artists who are experienced with reconstructive tattooing. Because a reconstructed breast has little or no sensation, most women feel the tattooing more as pressure than pain. There are a wide variety of pigments to choose from; sometimes one or more are combined to produce the desired result. Tattoos often fade in time and must be redone.

"3D nipple tattooing" refers to a special process where different pigments are used to create the 3-dimensional look of a natural areola. 

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