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No one should face hereditary cancer alone.

Thinking about cancer or dealing with cancer risk can be scary or overwhelming, but we believe that receiving information and resources is comforting, empowering, and lifesaving.

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Insurance & Financial Issues

Learn how to locate medical experts for risk management and long term follow up care.


The cost of genetic testing ranges from several hundred to several thousand dollars. Costs vary according to factors including:

  • whether a previously-identified mutation exists in the family
  • whether the family's ancestry suggests the possibility of a particular mutation (for instance Jewish founder mutations or Polish founder mutations)
  • which hereditary predisposition is being tested for
  • which laboratory performs the test

Most insurance companies will cover the cost of genetic testing in individuals who have either a personal history or family history of cancer and who meet certain guidelines.

Financial assistance for diagnosis or treatment of cancer is sometimes available. Fewer resources are available for those seeking assistance with the cost of genetic counseling or testing, or preventive options such as chemoprevention or prophylactic surgery. Preventive medicine is sometimes considered elective and, therefore, not always covered by assistance programs. Requesting help from a health care professional who is knowledgeable in genetics ensures that the genetic test ordered for you is appropriate. A genetics counselor or expert can also help you request medical reimbursement for testing.

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