Daily high-dose aspirin taken for at least 2 years reduces the risk of colorectal cancer but not other cancers in people with Lynch syndrome
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Research has shown that daily aspirin use can reduce the risk of colon and other cancers. The Cancer Prevention Program 2 (CaPP2) study looked at the effect of daily aspirin in patients with Lynch syndrome. After 10 years of follow-up, the results showed that taking daily aspirin for two years reduced the frequency of colon cancer in patients with Lynch syndrome, and importantly, did not result in an increase in side-effects or complications. No benefit was seen for other Lynch syndrome-related cancers, including endometrial cancer. (5/17/21)

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Open Clinical Trials

The following screening and prevention studies are open to people with Lynch syndrome. 

Colorectal cancer

Gynecologic cancers

Prostate cancer

Pancreatic cancer

Other clinical trials for patients with endometrial cancer can be found here.



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