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FORCE Takes the Fear out of Mastectomy

Our photo gallery features powerful, positive, and realistic images of mastectomy with and without reconstruction submitted by members of our community.

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Post Mastectomy Photo Gallery


This photo gallery has been made possible by generous support from BFFL Co, makers of the Masthead® Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra®.

The Masthead® Elizabeth Pink Surgical Bra® was designed by a doctor who has undergone breast reconstruction and reflects the needs of the patient to bring comfort and enhance recovery. Use coupon code FORCEBRA to receive 20% off.

WomanWomen facing a mastectomy or considering reconstruction frequently ask to see "after surgery" photos. Over the years FORCE has created a Post Mastectomy Photo Gallery with images of women after mastectomy and reconstruction.

These photos were submitted by our members to help other women who need to make decisions about mastectomy and reconstruction.

Our photos show all options after mastectomy including photos of all types of reconstruction as well as photos of no reconstruction on REAL women.

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The photo gallery is password protected. If you would like access please click Request Access below and complete the short form.

Once you have been granted access you can return to this page and login to view the photo gallery or upload your own photos to the gallery.

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Options for Reconstruction

The most important actions a woman considering reconstruction can take is to learn about her options.

Show and Tell Book

Featuring 29 post-mastectomy models, this book is designed to empower women and take the fear out of mastectomy and reconstruction.

FORCE:Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered