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Studies Enrolling Patients

Research requires participants. There is an urgent need to enroll patients into HBOC-specific studies.

Research & Clinical Trials > Studies Enrolling Patients

In this section you will find prevention, detection, treatment, and quality-of-life clinical trials and studies that are enrolling people affected by HBOC. Learn if you qualify for a study and how you can participate to help advance HBOC research.

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Studies Enrolling Patients

Featured Research

FORCE is partnering with researchers to help enroll people with HBOC into high-priority studies.


Enroll in Research

Search for opportunities to participate in HBOC treatment, prevention, detection, quality-of-life, and other studies by region, type and stage of cancer, and type of research.


Join the About Network

Learn how you can join FORCEs Patient-Powered Research Registry which will use the experiences of people in the HBOC community to answer important research questions.



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