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Studies Enrolling Patients

Research requires participants. There is an urgent need to enroll patients into HBOC-specific studies.


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Enroll in Research

Use our HBOC Research Search Tool to find and participate in research studies focused on hereditary cancers. You can search by type of study, (for example: prevention, treatment, detection, quality of life), location, type or stage of cancer, and other details.

Learn about the latest breakthroughs in research and our ABOUT Network.

Featured Research

With input from our Scientific Advisory Board, FORCE critically evaluates new research articles on topics of interest to our community and makes the science understandable and accessible to our community.

Join the ABOUT Network

The goal of the ABOUT network is to enroll as many Americans with HBOC risk as possible into our research registry and to collect information and real world health care experiences that can be used along with information from medical records to improve care for people with HBOC.

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