Thank you for your interest in being a part of the largest HBOC peer support network! Help others facing hereditary breast, ovarian and related cancers (HBOC) and advocate for our future.

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Volunteer and Join the Fight

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Share your interests and skills and we'll match you with the right opportunities when available. Complete our volunteer application today.

All volunteers are required to complete VolunteerFORCE Academy training and will receive a certificate upon graduation. It’s a comprehensive series of online webinars and resources that provide knowledge and skills needed to effectively support others.

Volunteer FORCE Academy

Thank you for your interest in being a part of the largest hereditary cancer peer support network!

Help others facing hereditary breast, ovarian, prostate, pancreatic and related cancers (HBOC) and advocate for our future. Please take a minute to review our volunteer opportunities and then complete our volunteer application.

VolunteerFORCE is right for you if you are:

  • Affected by HBOC or connected through family.
  • Passionate about FORCE & HBOC awareness.
  • Willing to make a 1-year commitment renewable annually.
  • Open & unbiased about others’ decisions. People affected by HBOC come from many backgrounds & make different decisions about managing or reducing risk. It’s important everyone feels safe & supported.
  • Computer literate with good communication skills.
  • From the United States or Canada
  • In the right “frame of mind” to support others. If you’re struggling with your own health or next steps, we recommend you wait until you’ve worked through your own decisions. Individuals who are choosing surgery should wait at least 6 months post-surgery before volunteering.

Individuals who work for a laboratory that sells genetic tests are not eligible to be volunteers.

Role What You Do Time Commitment This is for you if... Openings
Fundraising Champion Raise $1,000 or more with local fundraising efforts  Varies You have an idea to raise awareness and funds in your area. Yes
Message Board Moderator Moderate online conversations 5 hours per month You can access online message boards from home. Yes
Research Advocate Participate on grant review panels, IRB's, research advisory boards and guideline panels Varies You have a passion for research and a willingness to speak up for the HBOC patient community. Yes
Genetic Expert Support Leader Lead HBOC support group meetings 5 hours every
3 months
You’re a trained genetic expert. In States: AR, HI, KS, LA  ME, MS, NE, RI, VA, VT, and WY
Peer Navigator Provide 1:1 phone support to another person facing HBOC 2-3 hours per assignment You’re a Previvor or Survivor
willing to work with someone 1:1 to empower them on their journey.
Ovarian, pancreatic & metastatic breast cancer survivors; Men living with prostate cancer; ATM, BARD1, BRIP1, CDH1,CHEK2, Lynch Syndrome, NBN, NF1, PALB2, PTEN, RAD51C or D, STK11, TP53, mutation carriers or tested negative
Helpline Volunteer Return phone calls and provide support and resources Varies You have the flexibility to return phone calls within a 24 hour period Yes
Outreach Leader Provide local support 5-10 hours
per month
You provide peer support and share resources via email or phone locally.


In States: AR, HI, KS, LA  ME, MS, NE, RI, VA, VT, and WY
Project Volunteer Review and develop educational materials. Varies You have comfort with scientific and medical jargon, or excellent copy editing and proofreading skills Yes

Volunteer Roles

Outlined below are all of FORCE’s volunteer roles with the specific responsibilities for each.


  • Complete VolunteerFORCE Academy online webinar trainings
  • Use our position statements to maintain integrity and consistency in FORCE messaging
  • The following statement: "I do not have a conflict of interest by volunteering for FORCE. (I am not a doctor, genetic counselor or other healthcare professional who works with HBOC patients, or work for a laboratory that sells genetic tests.)"
  • Sign a FORCE volunteer and confidentiality agreement with optional renewal every year.
  • Read and respond to FORCE communications in a timely manner
  • Help fundraise for FORCE with a suggested goal of $250
  • Notify your Director if you need to step down


  • Execute local activities to raise funds for, and awareness of, the hereditary cancer community
  • Raise $1,000+ during the year


  • Share compassion by offering FORCE resources and empowering the individual online


  • Complete advocate training, which consists of a series of expert-led webinars on topics including basic cancer, breast and ovarian cancer, genetics, statistics, clinical trials and research, patient protection, ethics, and government regulatory processes
  • Actively seek or consider research and/or public policy advocacy opportunities (as they arise) to weigh in on the shape and direction of research to assure that our community’s interests are represented
  • Encourage enrollment in the ABOUT Network


  • Eligibility for genetic experts in areas where FORCE Support Groups do not exist
  • Organize, promote and run quarterly support meetings and report results


  • Provide one-to-one phone support and personalized email communications with someone matched to your situation and report results


  • Reply to call-backs within 24 hours
  • Share compassion one-on-one, over the telephone, by listening and finding resources to support and empower the caller
  • Refer callers to participate in our Peer Navigation Program to obtain personalized support and a free resource guide


  • Provide one-to-one support and resources via email and phone with local peers
  • Participate in an external event by exhibiting a FORCE table or by speaking


  • Work with the VP of Education to complete projects including website review, clinical trial curation, literature reviews, reviewing new and existing materials, writing new materials, editing, and/or graphic design


I was so grateful to FORCE and the strength and support that the organization had given me that I felt inspired to give back to others and signed up to be a helpline volunteer. I continue to feel inspired by the strength and perseverance of so many members.

- Marisol Rosas

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