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Making Sense of Cancer Headlines

FORCE's XRAYS program, funded by the CDC, is a reliable resource for young breast cancer survivors and high-risk women to navigate through breast cancer research related news and information.

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XRAYS - Making Sense of Cancer Headlines

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XRAYS: Making Sense of Cancer Headlines

About the XRAYS Program

FORCE developed our eXamining the Relevance of Articles for Young Survivors (XRAYS) program to empower young breast cancer survivors and high-risk women by providing tools for evaluating reports of new breast cancer-related research. Funded by the CDC, XRAYS will provide reviews and ratings of news media articles on breast cancer research to help young breast cancer survivors better understand research that is relevant to them. Learn more about the XRAYS program


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STUDY: Cost savings associated with a shorter course or omission of radiation treatment for early-stage breast cancer

Breast cancer treatment costs are high. Lumpectomy followed by radiation therapy is a common treatment for early-stage breast cancer; however, patients may receive different radiation regimens, which carry different costs. Authors of this research study wanted to estimate the potential health care cost savings if early-stage breast cancer patients received the least expensive radiation regimen for which they were safely eligible. (6/20/17)

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STUDY: Newly developed tumor test may identify more BRCA-like breast cancers

PARP inhibitors are a new type of cancer treatment developed for patients who have BRCA mutations. The FDA has approved three PARP inhibitors for treatment of ovarian cancer. These medications are also being studied for treating breast cancer in people with BRCA mutations. Researchers believe that these medications may also work well for breast cancer patients whose tumors have features similar to BRCA tumors; this current study describes a new screening tool that may help health care providers find those tumors. Related clinical trials involving PARP inhibitors are ongoing. (6/2/17)

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STUDY: Pregnancy around the time of a breast cancer diagnosis does not negatively affect survival

The number of women who become pregnant around the time of, or after a breast cancer diagnosis is increasing. However, it is unclear whether pregnancy around the time of a breast cancer diagnosis impacts survival. This recently published study demonstrates that the timing of pregnancy does not negatively affect breast cancer survival rates. (5/24/17)

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STUDY: Does scalp cooling help prevent hair loss after chemotherapy for breast cancer?

Hair loss is one of the most recognized and distressing side effects of some chemotherapies. Two new studies looked at the use of scalp cooling therapy to help reduce hair loss after chemotherapy for early- stage breast cancer. (5/15/17)

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