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Joining FORCES is the FORCE newsletter with news, views and supportive information for individuals concerned about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

For Our Children

by Sue Friedman

For Our Children logoFor 16 years FORCE has been there for you. Now we are calling on our community to make sure that FORCE is here for the next generations. The "For Our Children Campaign" will strengthen FORCE so that we will continue to fight in the years to come for better awareness, treatment, prevention, and care for hereditary cancers. Every dollar raised by this campaign will go towards FORCE research, support, education, and advocacy efforts. Visit to create a personal page and help us to create a future where hereditary cancer is no longer a threat.


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Recognize a Loved One

Wherever you are in the process of determining your cancer risk or risk management options, there is a good chance that other people are going through the same thing and are available to offer support.

Understanding HBOC and BRCA

The Understanding HBOC & BRCA section of this website has a comprehensive collection of information on a variety of topics, and includes links to further in-depth articles, books and websites.

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