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Welcome From Our Director of Education

by Lisa Rezende, PhD

Lisa RezendeAs the new Director of Education at FORCE, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to combine my personal experience as a BRCA1 mutation carrier and my professional experience in biomedical research and science education to work for the benefit of the hereditary breast and ovarian cancer (HBOC) community. I am passionate about helping our community navigate through the amazing array of FORCE educational materials, developing new resources to meet the growing needs of families facing hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, and translating the latest research into information that people can use to make medical decisions and improve their health.

In this issue, we cover the different types of negative BRCA test results and review improvements in genetic testing that may help people to better understand their risk for cancer. You'll also learn about our collaboration with University of South Florida researchers to create a "patient-powered research network" known as ABOUT. We will turn to members of our community to help us identify and prioritize the critical questions that people facing hereditary cancer need answered to make detection, prevention, treatment and quality-of-life health care decisions.

Read on page 2 about our first spring Live Life Empowered fundraiser and a preview of our 8th annual Joining FORCEs Conference.

If you have questions about hereditary cancer risk management, treatment, or research, I want to hear from you. Please contact me (lisar@ with topics you would like FORCE to address on our website or in future newsletters. I look forward to learning what's important to you to better serve our constituency.


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