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Joining FORCES is the FORCE newsletter with news, views and supportive information for individuals concerned about hereditary breast and ovarian cancer.

2014 Conference

by Sue Friedman

With 750 participants from 12 countries, 39 states and the District of Columbia, our conference set a record as the largest gathering of the HBOC community.

Conference highlights and updates include:

  • Screening two exceptional films of importance to our community: In the Family, with filmmaker Joanna Rudnick on hand to answer questions, and Decoding Annie Parker— we are honored to have Annie Parker herself join us for a post-film discussion.
  • Filming of some of our speakers and sessions by producer Alan Blassberg for the documentary Pink and Blue.
  • Updates of how FORCE is leading the patient-powered research movement for the HBOC community through our ABOUT Network collaboration.
  • Recording some sessions for on-demand viewing for those who cannot attend.
  • Summaries of the latest research and standard of care for prevention, detection, treatment, and improved care for people facing hereditary cancers.
  • An opportunity for conference attendees to participate in HBOC-specific research, and to meet one-on-one with world experts.

Conference powerpoints are available online and videotapes of the sessions will be available shortly.

FORCE 8th Annual Conference Sponsors

We are very grateful for the generous sponsors who make our 8th Joining FORCEs conference possible:


Basser Research Center for BRCA
Susan G. Komen


Quest Diagnostics


Center for Restorative Breast Surgery
Lilly Oncology
New York Group for Plastic Surgery
Omega Breast Center


Ambry Genetics
Cancer Treatment Centers of America
Center for Natural Breast Reconstruction
Clovis Oncology
Dr. Marga Massey
Genomic Health
Informed DNA
Myriad Genetics


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