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A New Resource: Talking about BRCA in Your Family Tree

by Susan Lilly

FORCE and the National Society of Genetic Counselors Cancer Special Interest Group recently published a new booklet entitled Talking About BRCA in Your Family Tree. The free booklet helps parents discuss BRCA-related issues with their children and loved ones. The booklet includes quiz-like assessments that guide self-discovery through knowledge sharing.

Talking About BRCA in Your Family Tree:

  • helps parents gather the facts they need to be comfortable discussing these issues in family settings.
  • provides guidance for communicating with children based on their age and developmental stage.
  • gives helpful tips about discussing BRCA with children.

One recommendation suggests that it's best to think about the communication process as gradual rather than a one-time event. The important thing to remember is that every child, parent, and family situation is unique. Using the booklet as a guide, parents can craft their conversations to suit each family's needs.

Talking About BRCA in Your Family Tree points readers to several online and print resources to help families learn more about BRCA mutations and hereditary cancers. To access the booklet, please visit:


Susan Lilly, MHS, has a professional background as a health researcher and writer.  She joined the FORCE community upon discovering her BRCA2 mutation status after a breast cancer diagnosis in her early 40s. 


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