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FORCE Participates in the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance

by Diane Rose

A new patient movement is focused on drawing attention to metastatic breast cancer, a subject that has been in the news recently. At the forefront of this effort is the Metastatic Breast Cancer Alliance, a consortium of organizations who have joined together to assess and address the unmet needs of this community.

The Metastatic Breast Cancer (MBC) Alliance was formed in 2013, when FORCE and other advocacy organizations joined together to transform and improve the lives of women and men who live with metastatic breast cancer.

FORCE joined the efforts of the MBC Alliance to provide information on behalf of our community, and to share the combined knowledge of the Alliance with our constituents. The HBOC community supports many metastatic patients, as BRCA mutation carriers are more likely to develop breast cancer.  This highlights the importance of FORCE efforts to recruit as many people as possible into HBOC-specific research to help find more effective treatments and to save lives.

MBC Alliance member groups recognized that despite the accomplishments of their respective organizations, they needed to unify and work together to assure that:

  • all MBC patients and their caregivers know how to and can access the care and services they need from a responsive and well-informed healthcare system.
  • those diagnosed, their families, health care providers, researchers, health policy influencers, and policy makers understand MBC and how it differs from early-stage breast cancer.
  • progress with research focuses on extending life, enhancing quality of life, and ultimately ending death from the disease.

Diane Rose is the Director of Volunteer Programs for FORCE, which includes overseeing 53 support groups across the United States and Essex, UK. She provides training and resources for outreach volunteers who provide support.


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