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FORCE Research Advocate Training and Consumer Engagement in HBOC Research

In the past, the only role for patients and non-scientists in the research process was to volunteer as a subject in research studies. This is changing. There is increasing recognition of the value of input from the general population and patient communities being researched to weigh in on the development and direction of research studies. The ABOUT Network provides unprecedented opportunities for members of our community to help influence the research process.

FORCE’s Research Advocate Training (FRAT) Program is a basic educational course that helps prepare people with no formal science training to participate in research advocacy on behalf of the HBOC community. The program consists of a series of expert-led webinars and live meetings on topics including basic cancer, breast and ovarian cancer, genetics, statistics, clinical trials and research, patient protection, ethics, and government regulatory processes. Participants complete the program at their own pace. FRAT graduates are notified about advocacy opportunities for which they may qualify.

Opportunities to be engaged in the governance of the ABOUT Network are open to FRAT graduates, including participation in our Steering Committee and/or three work groups: Research Generation and Prioritization, Promotion and Recruitment, and Engagement and Retention. For more information about the FRAT program, visit the Research Advocate Program page on our website or contact Lisa Schlager at:


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