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FORCE Recommended Reads

by Sue Friedman

We often say that informed decisions are the best decisions. But sometimes it can be difficult and time consuming to sort through various resources to find which is the most objective and comprehensive. Fortunately, we can recommend two books that are up-to-date, easy to read, and contain a wealth of information that is of interest to our community.

Confronting Hereditary Breast and Ovarian CancerWe're very proud of Confronting Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer: Identify Your Risk, Understand Your Options, Change Your Destiny, our own publication authored by Sue Friedman, Dr. Rebecca Sutphen, and Kathy Steligo. It is a labor of love and commitment that has received kudos from our community and health care professionals alike. This book is a helpful guide, no matter where you are in your BRCA journey. It dispels myths and misinformation, and presents practical risk-reducing alternatives and decisionmaking tools.

The Breast Reconstruction GuidebookThe new third edition of The Breast Reconstruction Guidebook: Issues and Answers from Research to Recovery is completely updated. If you're considering mastectomy, with or without reconstruction, find out why FORCE has recommended this book for over a decade, and why so many oncologists and surgeons recommend or provide it to their patients.

Both books are published by Johns Hopkins University Press and are available on Amazon, where you can take a peek inside, review the Tables of Contents, read reviews, and order. If you order either book (or both), please take a few minutes to post a review!


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