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Basser Research Projects

by Sue Friedman

The Basser Research Center for BRCA has funded nine 2012-2013 projects, including:

  • Timothy Rebbeck, PhD is researching ways to improve the assessment of cancer risk in mutation carriers, to help women make the best decisions about prevention strategies and timing.
  • Dr. Andrea Facciabene is working on development of a vaccine for BRCArelated cancers.
  • Roger Greenberg, MD, PhD; Andrew Minn, MD, PhD; and Kate Nathanson, MD will use different approaches to study the molecular or genetic changes present in BRCA-related tumors. This work aims to find new targets for treatment or predicting drug sensitivity or resistance to current regimens.
  • Drs. George Coukos and Chungsheng Li are investigating innovative molecular imaging techniques that visualize the tiny veins that grow to feed cancers.
  • Dr. Andrew Rhim is analyzing blood samples for a possible tumor marker called circulating epithelial cells, which may be found in the blood of people with early stage BRCA-related cancers.
  • Dr. Angela Bradbury is studying communication about hereditary cancer risk within families, to inform interventions aimed at increasing prevent at ive behavior s and minimizing adverse psychological outcomes.
  • Dr. Susan Domchek is investigating the consequences of risk-reducing oophorectomy, a concern that FORCE frequently hears from our members. Findings from this study will help genetics experts advise patients on the best timing for oophorectomy and establish whether interventions to treat side effects are needed.

Updates on research recruitment and findings are posted on the Basser Collaboration page on the FORCE website.


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