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ICARE Initiative

Introducing: The Inherited CAncer REgistry (ICARE) Initiative

by Christina Bittner, CGC and Tuya Pal, MD

Inherited Cancer RegistryMoffitt Cancer Center is excited to announce the launch of the Inherited CAncer REgistry (ICARE) Initiative, a clinical research-community partnership. Our common goal is to improve the lives of patients and families who are at risk for inherited cancer susceptibility, as reflected by our mission statement: To end the cycle of inherited cancer through research, education and outreach. FORCE Executive Director Sue Friedman is a collaborator on this project, providing the team with support and guidance.

ICARE is a research study in which information about patients and families at risk for inherited cancer is collected through a questionnaire. Our objectives encompass research in all aspects of familial cancer, from prevention and detection to treatment. By participating in the ICARE registry, individuals may be able to learn about new treatments or other research studies for which they may be eligible, and receive up-to-date information. Since we launched in June 2010 (with funding from the Bankhead Coley Foundation), 143 participants have enrolled. We have many efforts underway as a means to keep in contact with our participants, including a newsletter which will be sent out in the coming months and an ICARE website currently under development. We appreciate the efforts of all those who have taken the time to participate, and we welcome any others who may be interested. For more information, please contact us ( or 813-745-6446 or toll-free at 888- 663-3488 extension 6446).

Christina Bittner, MS is a certified genetic counselor and education and outreach coordinator for ICARE.

Tuya Pal, MD is the Principal Investigator of the ICARE Initiative.


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