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Advocating for Metastatic HBC Research

by Sue Friedman

Emerging research suggests that hereditary breast cancer may behave differently and respond to treatment differently than sporadic cancers. We need much more research to develop treatments that are specifically targeted to hereditary cancer; the need is dire for women with metastatic hereditary breast cancer who make up a small subset of the larger breast cancer population.

FORCE is conducting a brief survey of women diagnosed with metastatic hereditary breast cancer to provide insight into this life-threatening disease and to advocate for more research and better treatment options. The survey is open to women who:

  • have a BRCA mutation or a family history of breast cancer
  • have been diagnosed with stage IV (metastatic) breast cancer

Survey responses are confidential, but respondents have the opportunity to submit contact information if they would like to receive research and program updates. If you meet these criteria please consider taking this survey for women with metastatic hereditary breast cancer and share it with any friends or family who may qualify.

Visit our research survey page to see if there are other FORCE surveys for which you qualify. Other active surveys at FORCE include:

  • Men with BRCA mutations: Needs assessment and research feasibility
  • Survey on experiences with Medicare and other insurance, genetic testing and prophylactic surgery


We welcome your feedback. Please send your comments to Sue Friedman or fill out our Newsletter Feedback Form.

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