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ENELL Sport Bras

Supporting Women, Supporting FORCE

by Karen Kramer

Few people understand the value of a good support bra like a large-breasted athletic woman. For Renelle Braaten, finding that support became a business opportunity and a philanthropic mission. Unable to find a comfortable sports bra with the support that a well-endowed women needs, Braaten turned to her mom, a talented seamstress, and together they created the ENELL SPORTS Bra, designed to provide superior support and comfort during high-impact activities, and the ENELL LITE bra, which is perfect for low-to-medium impact activities. These bras are endorsed by professional beach volleyball players and Olympic biathletes. Even Oprah has acknowledged ENELL bras, featuring them on the Oprah show, in O Magazine and in her famous 'O' list.

In 2005, Braaten, President of ENELL, and Mara Bronson, Director of Marketing, decided to help people on a larger scale by reaching out philanthropically. We wanted to contribute to an organization that benefited women with breast and ovarian cancers and stand alongside them as they supported the families of those battling these diseases, said Braaten. Once they found FORCE, they knew it was a perfect fit.

Today, a network of 379 ENELL retailers provides support to thousands of women in 11 countries. ENELL donates 10% of its proceeds from sales of the HOPE Pink Bra collection to FORCE, thereby helping to educate women about hereditary cancers and saving lives. Each bra bears a hang tag with the signs of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, extending FORCE's message to thousands of women. FORCE deeply appreciates ENELL's generosity and focus on hereditary cancer, and awarded the company with a 2010 a Spirit of Empowerment award.

Thank you, ENELL!

Enell Hang TagKaren Kramer, FORCE Vice President of Marketing, is a previvor who inherited a BRCA1 gene mutation from her father. She lives in Potomac, Maryland with her husband and three children. If your company is interested in partnering with FORCE, please contact Karen (

Double Support

When women buy ENELL's HOPE Pink bra, they get much more than a pink article of supportive sportswear. Every bra includes a hang tag that lists the signs of hereditary breast and ovarian cancer. Sales of these bras not only translate into donations for FORCE, but also raise awareness, educate women about hereditary cancer, and potentially save lives. You can support us by supporting ENELL. Please visit ENELL to purchase a HOPE Pink bra online or to find an ENELL retailer near you.


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