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Promoting the Concept of Previvorship

FORCE is undertaking the Cancer Previvor Campaign to educate and inform others about breast and ovarian cancer previvors—the decisions they face and the resources they need. As we continue to build awareness and provide support for those with a BRCA mutation, there is much more to be done. We must also inform and educate the public, the medical community and our elected leaders about the issues and needs of those with genetic mutations, so BRCA-positive individuals needn’t be afraid to voice their confusion nor fear reprisal.

FORCE has worked hard to successfully build awareness throughout the medical community and among families of those who may carry a BRCA mutation. You can help FORCE promote the concept of previvorship by supporting our Cancer Previvor Campaign:

  • Use “previvor” when describing the high-risk population.
  • Tell your cancer previvor friends and relatives about FORCE.
  • Tell your medical team about FORCE.
  • Refer the media to FORCE to improve coverage of our campaign and raise awareness of the unique needs of the previvor community.


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