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Ovarian & Related Cancer

Learn about the specific risks for cancers associated with HBOC.

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Know More
A collection of FORCE's expert-reviewed resources on hereditary ovarian cancer.

Can removing the fallopian tubes lower ovarian cancer risk?
April 2013 webinar on the fallopian tube as a source of ovarian cancer.

BROCA Test for Ovarian Cancer Risk
Article in Fall 2012 Joining FORCEs Newsletter about new test for ovarian cancer risk in BRCA-negative families.

Confronting Hereditary Breast and Ovarian Cancer
This FORCE-endorsed book was written by founder and Executive Director Sue Friedman; geneticist Rebecca Sutphen, MD; and health writer, Kathy Steligo. This book is a comprehensive resource on all topics related to hereditary cancer, genetic testing, and risk-management.

Women with HBOC are diagnosed with cancer earlier than their mothers and grandmothers
Article on research from 2011 indicating that women with BRCA mutations are diagnosed younger than women in prior generations.

Modifiers of Risk
Summer 2006 FORCE newsletter article summarizing Dr. Narod’s presentation at our 2006 conference on factors that may modify risk for cancer for BRCA mutation carriers.

Diet and Other Lifestyle Factors in Hereditary Cancers
Fall 2006 FORCE newsletter article summarizing Dr. Nagi Kumar’s presentation at our 2006 conference on the effects of diet and lifestyle on hereditary cancer and risk.


No Time to Die: Living with Ovarian Cancer, by Liz Tilberis
No Time to Die is a frank, no-holds-barred look into the world of fashion and a candid account of a battle with a debilitating illness. Approaching every obstacle with optimism, humor and grace, Liz Tilberis has written a story that celebrates life and the ultimate triumph of a passionate, determined, and courageous woman.

Other Websites

Understanding Your Risk of Ovarian Cancer
This brochure developed by the Gynecologic Cancer Foundation and sponsored by Project Hope outlines the symptoms, risks, screening, and prevention of ovarian cancer in a concise, easy-to-read format.

Signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer
American Cancer Society list of signs and symptoms of ovarian cancer.

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