No one should face hereditary cancer alone.

Thinking about cancer or dealing with cancer risk can be scary or overwhelming, but we believe that receiving information and resources is comforting, empowering, and lifesaving.

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Finding Specialists

Locate medical experts and find information on insurance coverage and financial assistance for risk management, treatment and follow up care.

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Other Websites

Genetests list of genetics professionals
The National Center of Biotechnology Information, a branch of the National Institutes of Health, maintains a website that lists clinics that provide genetic counseling and testing.

Cancer Genetic Services Directory
This database is produced and maintained by the National Cancer Institute. To find cancer genetics professionals who specialize in hereditary breast and ovarian cancer, choose one or both of the BRCA options in the form's "Family Cancer Syndrome" selection list. You can limit your search by city, state, or country (U.S. and Canada only).

National Consortium of Breast Centers
Using the NCBC's searchable databases, you can view information about breast centers or breast professionals in a specific geographic area, or you may narrow your search by including other criteria.

National Society of Genetic Counselors
This database, provided by the National Society of Genetic Counselors, allows you to look up certified genetic counselors by specialty, city and state.

Informed DNA
Informed provides full telephone genetic counseling by board-certified genetic counselors.

National Cancer Institute: Cancer Centers
A list of cancer centers that receive special research grants from the National Cancer Institute.

Find a Gynecological Oncologist
Search the membership directory of the Society of Gynecologic Oncologists (SGO) by last name, city, state, or zip code.

Five Tips for Sharing Research with Your Doctor
An excerpt from the book Working with Your Doctor: Getting the Healthcare You Deserve, by Nancy Keene.

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