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Types of Treatment for Cancer

There are many options for treating hereditary cancers. Choice of treatment can be personalized based on cancer type, stage and genetics.

Hereditary cancer treatment options

Hereditary cancers can be caused by one of several gene mutations known to increase cancer risk. It is important for people with certain types of cancer to learn if their cancer was caused by an inherited mutation because this information may affect treatment choices. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, ask your doctor if you meet national guidelines for genetic counseling and testing. Visit our section on finding a genetics expert to locate an expert near you. 

Below are some of the cancer treatment decisions that may be affected by genetic test results:

If you have been diagnosed with cancer and would like to learn more about the benefits of genetic counseling and testing, you can visit our section on who should consider genetic testing. 

If you are a cancer survivor who carries an inherited mutation associated with hereditary cancer, ask your doctor about any clinical trials or new treatment options based on your genetic mutation status. 

Updated 05/23/2017

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