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Information for Researchers

FORCE welcomes the medical and research community to visit and refer patients to our site and we encourage comments and feedback. FORCE recognizes the importance of collaboration between health care professionals, researchers, and lay advocacy groups, particularly regarding a rare disorder such as hereditary breast and ovarian cancer syndrome. We are committed to working together to assure the high-risk community and general population receive up-to-date, credible information on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer risk and management, and have access to the latest research and the best care.

Post research

FORCE allows researchers with IRB approved research projects to recruit participants through the FORCE website, conference, newsletter, electronic-mailing list and other outreach mechanisms. Due to the limited resources and staffing, whenever possible we encourage researchers to include funding to underwrite the cost of FORCE outreach, consulting, advertising, and travel when submitting a budget for your research. In addition, we request acknowlegement in publications or presentations that result from the research. Please contact us for information about posting research studies through FORCE.

Register your clinical program/services in our database

FORCE is compiling a database of clinical programs specifically focused on hereditary breast and ovarian cancers. If your practice or facility offers clinical services for high-risk women, please learn about our Clinical and Research Search Tool to add your information to our database.

Order publications

FORCE offers publications to consumers or health care providers. You can use one of our publications order forms to order single or multiple copies. All publications are provided free of charge, however, donations to offset the costs of development and mailing are appreciated.

Write an article for our newsletter

If you would like to submit an article or research results to our FORCE community newsletter, please contact us for submission guidelines. Articles must be 800 words or less, and must be written for a lay audience.

Present at our annual conference

We are compiling a database of interested and qualified speakers on topics related to hereditary cancer. If you or someone from your facility is interested in speaking at a future annual Joining FORCEs Conference please contact us.

Have your facility sponsor FORCE

FORCE welcomes sponsorships from academic institutions and health care providers. Your institution's sponsorship supports our ability to provide brochures, newsletters and other free materials to patients. If your institution or office is interested in sponsoring FORCE please contact us. FORCE acknowledges sponsorships on our website and in our newsletter.

Collaborate with us

FORCE collaborates with the medical community in research studies. The FORCE toll-free helpline was developed as a collaboration with the University of Pennsylvania Abramson Cancer Center. FORCE partnered with the University of Miami, Sylvester Cancer Center to give talks on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer to consumers and health care providers in the South Florida region. Our Joining FORCEs Conference on hereditary breast and ovarian cancer is a collaboration with the H. Lee Moffitt Cancer Center and Research Institute.

If you have an interest or ideas for possible research or educational collaborations with FORCE, please contact us.

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