Steps of the Research Cycle and ABOUT Collaborations

FORCE and researchers at the University of South Florida formed the ABOUT People-Powered Research Network to advance hereditary cancer research. ABOUT collaborates with researchers to assure that patients are included in all phases of the research cycle. We help researchers design studies, promote enrollment and conduct research that meets the unmet needs of people and families affected by hereditary cancer.

Below are some of the ways that people like you can contribute to hereditary cancer research through ABOUT.

Plan and Prepare

  • Help researchers design studies that answer patients' questions and address their needs
  • Assist researchers in writing study proposals
  • Help apply for funding
  • Review and provide feedback to improve study materials

Conduct Research

  • Help people learn about and enroll in studies
  • Help researchers conduct studies and monitor their progress


  • Look at the data and draw conclusions
  • Help researchers write up their findings in plain language
  • Suggest next steps and areas of future research

Share and Use

  • Share results with medical community, hereditary cancer community, policymakers and public
  • Help medical community, patients, policymakers and public use results to improve care and outcomes

Visit our Help Shape Research section to learn how you can volunteer to advance hereditary cancer research

ABOUT research collaboration efforts are funded through a Patient-Centered Outcomes Research Institute (PCORI) Eugene Washington PCORI Engagement Award (EA-PPRN-00055).

FORCE 4-stage research cycle

FORCE has free training that prepares you to shape hereditary cancer research!

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