Talking to Employers and Medical Staff About Breast Cancer Treatment and Your Job (TEAMWork Study) identifier:
NCT03572374 (

Quality of Life

Study Contact Information:

For more information, contact: Victoria Blinder, MD by phone at: 646-888-4808 or by email

About the Study

The goal of this study is to improve a tool that helps cancer patients navigate work-related issues. Researchers are testing an early version of a mobile app designed to help breast cancer patients keep their jobs. The app – called TEAMWork (Talking to Employers And Medical staff about Work) – provides advice for patients who need to talk to their employers about treatment or their medical team about work. Researchers want patient feedback on what aspects of the app work well and what can be better.

Type of Study

This a randomized clinical study in which women with nonmetastatic breast cancer will be randomized to either use an app or paper-based resource to them navigate work- and treatment-related issues.  

What the Study Entails

Participants will be place in one of two groups:

Participants in both groups will be asked to use the resource and provide feedback on what works well and what can be improved.

Study Sites

This Study is Open To:

This study is open to women, ages 18-64 who have been diagnosed with stage I-III breast cancer and are:


This Study is Not Open To:

This study is not open to:


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