Breast Cancer Treatment in Women with PALB2 Mutations

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Study Contact Information:

You can email the study team or call: 416-323-6400 ext.2749.

About the Study

The PALB2 Study is an international research study to better understand breast cancer treatment among women with a PALB2 gene mutation. Participants are asked to complete online or paper study questionnaires (every two years for 10 years) and share their family history, medical, and genetics records.

Research shows that PALB2 mutations increase the risk of developing breast cancer; however, it is not clear how to best treat or reduce the risk of breast cancer in women with PALB2 mutations. Learning more about breast cancer among women with a PALB2 mutation will help to better understand: 

Through a better understanding of PALB2-associated breast cancer, we can personalize breast cancer treatment to increase survival and determine how to best manage at risk family members to detect cancer early or prevent it.

What the Study Entails

You do not have to travel to participate; all study forms and questionnaires can be completed from home. If you choose to participate, you will be asked to:

Study Lead Investigator

Kelly Metcalfe, PhD
Women's College Research Institute
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

This Study is Open To:

You are eligible to participate in this study if you meet all of the following criteria:

This Study is Not Open To:

The study is not open to:


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