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Long-Term Survivors of Ovarian Cancer (LTSOC)

Long-Term Survivors of Ovarian Cancer (LTSOC)

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Ovarian Cancer Survivor

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The study is being conducted by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital, in Boston, MA. Pariticipants do not have to travel to Boston to participate. Patients interested in participating should contact Giulia Fulci, PhD by phone 617-643-5130 or by email or Michael Birrer, MD PhD by phone 617-726-8624 or by email.

Long-Term Survivors of Ovarian Cancer (LTSOC)

About the Study

Some advanced-stage ovarian cancer patients are long-term survivors. These patients may provide the key to long-term survival and bring hope to all women with Stages III and IV ovarian cancer. This research project will look at features within tumors along with genetic, quality of life, and lifestyle features that predict for long-term survival for patients with Stages III and IV ovarian cancer. If you are a 8 year or more stage III or stage IV ovarian cancer survivor, your participation can help to improve the treatment, survival, and survivorship of all women.

Visit the study website for more information or to enroll. 

What the Study Entails

Patients will participate in a QOL questionaire followed by a phone interview. You do not need to travel to Boston to participate. 

Study Lead Investigator

Michael Birrer, MD PhD: Massachusetts General Hospital, Boston, MA: Contact information: Phone: 617-726-8624 or by email     


This Study is Open To:

Women can participate if they have stage III/IV high grade epithelial ovarian cancer diagnosed at least 10 years ago. 


This Study is Not Open To:

Women with early stage, low grade ovarian cancer diagnosed less than 10 years ago are not eligible.