The Phoenix Trial: Cemiplimab for Patients with Localized dMMR Colon Cancer identifier:
NCT05961709 (

This study will examine how well Cemiplimab works for patients with localized colon cancer who have dMMR

Study Contact Information:

For additional information, please contact:  

Principal Investigator: Michael Overman by phone 713-792-2828 or email [email protected]

About the Study

This study will examine the effectiveness and safety of cemiplimab, a treatment given prior to surgery. Participants will undergo endoscopy after the therapy and take CT scans to assess the effects of the therapy. The study also will compare genes of pretreatment cancer samples between patients who responded well to the therapy and patients who did not.

What the Study Involves

Participants will receive Cemiplimab injected into the vein over 30 minutes on the first day of each 3-week cycle of the study, for up to 8 cycles.

Study Site


MD Anderson Cancer Center
Houston, Texas 77030

Lead Investigator

Dr. Michael Overman

This Study is Open To:

People, 18 years old and older, who meet all the following criteria.

This Study is Not Open To:

People under 18 years old who:


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