ShareForCures: Susan G. Komen's People-Powered, Data-Driven Breast Cancer Research Registry identifier:
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Registry for anyone diagnosed with breast cancer

Study Contact Information:

Contact Jerome Jourquin (PI) by email [email protected] or phone 1-877-465-6636.

About the Study

Today, researchers are learning about breast cancer from a small subset of patients, who are not representative of all breast cancer patients. ShareForCures® is an online registry that offers people who have been diagnosed with breast cancer a way to participate in research by connecting information about themselves with their breast cancer diagnosis, medical records, genomics. 

ShareForCures is a breast cancer research registry by Susan G. Komen®, connecting scientists with information from people who have or had breast cancer. Sharing their breast cancer information with our registry — along with other ShareForCures participants — will help researchers discover cures for breast cancer faster. Through ShareForCures, we’ll connect different types of health data from thousands of people over time to create one of the most valuable tools available for breast cancer research.

What the Study Involves

Joining ShareForCures is safe, secure, easy and makes a difference. You can join for free in three steps:

  1. Visit and create a user account
  2. Complete the informed consent and medical release forms
  3. Provide information about yourself and your breast cancer diagnosis.

We want to make participating as easy as possible. People can participate in ShareForCures online, when and where they want. People who join ShareForCures agree to provide information about themselves, their breast cancer diagnosis, and topics like quality of life and family history by completing surveys, questionnaires and debriefs. They may be asked to provide a saliva sample. If so, we will send them a saliva kit in the mail with pre-paid postage to easily return it at no cost to them.

New questionnaires and opportunities for research will be offered to participants over time for them to remain engaged in research.

Lead Researcher

Jerome Jourquin, Ph.D., M.S.
Susan G. Komen
Email: [email protected] [people having questions should email [email protected]]

This Study is Open To:

Participation is open to anyone

*Individuals in Alabama and Nebraska must be over 19 and individuals in Mississippi and Pennsylvania must be over 21 to participate.

This Study is Not Open To:

No additional exclusions beyond what would not fit the eligibility criteria.


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