Study of Colorectal Cancer and Genetics in Hispanic and Latino People (ENLACE Study)

Hispanic and Latino people diagnosed with colorectal cancer

Study Contact Information:

Contact the study coordinator, Carmen Chavez by phone at 323-442-5506.

About the Study

The ENLACE study will learn more about colorectal cancer in Hispanic people so that treatment can be improved. Results may help your doctor choose your treatment and help you find out if you are eligible for a clinical trial. Your results may also help family members understand their cancer risks. 

What the Study Involves

People will have blood drawn and complete a questionnaire to join the study. Genetic testing will be done on your blood and the tissue from your tumor biopsy or surgery to test the genes that you inherited. You do not have to pay for the genetic testing. You will receive the results of your test from your oncologist and genetic counseling may be recommended. Two weeks and one year after talking with your doctor about your test results, you will complete follow-up questionnaires either in person or over the phone.   

Optional: Participants can receive a summary of what was found from the study as well as a summary of the information from your medical record that was used in the study. You will be invited to join futher studies to help researchers understand your perspectives on genetics and research. 

Study Sites


Los Angeles
USC Norris Cancer Hospital
Study Genetic Counselor Julie Culver, MS, LCGC (323) 865-0806

LAC+USC Medical Center
Study Genetic Counselor Natalia Gutierrez, MS, LCGC (323) 409-6098

This Study is Open To:

People are eligible if they:

This Study is Not Open To:

People are not eligible if they: 


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