IGNITE-TX - Identifying Individuals for Genetic Testing for Familial Cancer identifier:
NCT05677048 (

People with a genetic mutation in BRCA1, BRCA2 or Lynch syndrome who have relatives who have not been tested

Study Contact Information:

J. Alejandro Rauh-Hain, PI
Heidy Bosch Study Coordinator
Study specific contact information: [email protected], Phone: 713 792 9155

About the Study

The IGNITE-TX study explores ways to increase genetic testing for family members of those diagnosed with Lynch Syndrome or a BRCA1 or BRCA2 genetic mutation. This is also known as cascade genetic testing. 

What the Study Involves

If an individual is eligible for the study, they will be granted access to the IGNITE-TX website. The website contains information about their genetic mutation and how to share information with family members. Participants and their family members will be placed at random into four groups:

Group 1) Standard of care, which is receiving a letter with information on their specific hereditary cancer syndrome that they can share with their relatives

Group 2) free genetic counseling and testing

Group 3) the IGNITE-TX intervention which gives family members access to the website and education modules as well as access to a study navigator

Group 4) The IGNITE-TX intervention and free genetic counseling and testing.

All participants (including family members enrolled in the study) will be asked to complete a baseline survey and then follow-up surveys at 6 and 12 months. Participants will receive a $10 dollar gift card after the completion of each survey.

Study Locations

We are targeting enrollment in the states of Texas, Alabama, and California. The institutions and individuals we are collaborating with are listed below, but enrollment is not limited to a single site in the state. However, we will include patients in other states if they enroll through the website.

University of Alabama
Contact: Charles Leath at [email protected]

Los Angeles
University of California Los Angeles Jonsson Comprehensive Cancer Center
Contact: Beth Karlan at [email protected]

MD Anderson Cancer Center
Contact: J. Alejandro Rauh-Hain at [email protected]

Lead Researchers/Study PIs and Affiliation

Study PI: J. Alejandro Rauh-Hain, University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center

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This Study is Not Open To:


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