Survey For Individuals With A Hereditary Cancer Genetic Testing Result That Was Later Reclassified

Survey for people whose genetic test results were reclassified

Study Contact Information:

Principal investigator: Mitch McElfresh ([email protected])

Faculty advisor: Gwen Reiser ([email protected])

About the Study

This study is no longer recruiting people. 

Researchers at the University of Nebraska Medical Center are conducting an online survey to look into the personal experiences of people who have received reclassified genetic testing results concerning hereditary cancer-related genes. Reclassification is the process of reviewing and revising the interpretation of genetic variants, such as changing a positive result to negative. The study aims to investigate patient perspectives on healthcare providers' communication about reclassification, along with preferred methods for providers to reconnect and convey results.

What the Study Entails

An online survey of 30 questions which takes around 20 minutes to complete. Participants will be compensated for their time through a raffle for the opportunity to receive a gift card.

Take the survey at this link or scan the QR code: 








Lead Researchers/Study PIs and Affiliation

Institution: University of Nebraska Medical Center

PI: Mitch McElfresh, BS, BA
Chair: Bronson Riley MS, CGC
Faculty advisor: Gwen Reiser, MS, CGC
Co-investigator: Katie Church MS, CGC
Co-investigator: Charlie King MGC, CGC

This Study is Open To:

This study is no longer recruiting people. 

This Study is Not Open To:

This study is no longer recruiting people. 


FORCE is a national nonprofit organization, established in 1999. Our mission is to improve the lives of individuals and families affected by adult hereditary cancers.