Collecting Blood and Stool Samples to Detect Colorectal Cancer or Precancerous Polyps in Lynch Syndrome Patients, CORAL Study identifier:
NCT05410977 (

People with Lynch Syndrome at risk for colon cancer

Study Contact Information:

For additional information, please contact: the Clinical Trials Referral Office by phone 855-776-0015 or by email [email protected]

About the Study

This study will determine the effectiveness of a screening technique, multitarget stool DNA testing, for the detection of colorectal cancer in individuals with Lynch syndrome. Multitarget stool DNA testing uses stool samples to look for signs of colon cancer. This study will also create a collection of blood and stool samples from individuals with Lynch syndrome and early onset colorectal cancer (diagnosed younger than 50 years old).

What the Study Involves

Patients will give blood and stool samples no more than 90 days before or between 7-90 days after their routine colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy (using a flexible tube with a video camera to examine the colon and rectum.). Patients will also give the researchers permission to look at their medical records. 

Study Sites


Mayo Clinic in Arizona 
Scottsdale, Arizona 
Contact: Clinical Trials Referral Office 855-776-0015 [email protected]   


Mayo Clinic in Florida 
Jacksonville, Florida 
Contact: Clinical Trials Referral Office 855-776-0015  [email protected]   


Mayo Clinic 
Rochester, Minnesota 
Contact: Clinical Trials Referral Office 855-776-0015 [email protected]  


This Study is Open To:

Patients 18 years or older who have: 

This Study is Not Open To:

People who do not meet the inclusion criteria defined above and those who: 


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