Study of Two Drugs in ER+ and/or PR+ Cancers With PI3K and/or PTEN Tumor or Inherited Mutations identifier:
NCT05082025 (

People with advanced breast or endometrial or ovarian cancer

Study Contact Information:

For additional information, please contact:

Timothy Yap, MD  by phone at (713) 563-1784 or email at [email protected]

About the Study

This study is investigating if the study drug copanlisib, when used in combination with fulvestrant, is safe and effective for people with certain advanced ER-positive and/or PR-positive cancers.  People with PI3K and/or PTEN changes in tumor tissue or inherited mutations are eligible.

What the Study Involves

All study participants will receive the study drug, copanlisib injected into the vein (intravenously) in combination with fulvestrant injected in the muscle (intramuscularly) over 28-day cycles.

Study participants will be followed an average of 1 year.  

This study is no longer recruiting patients. 

This Study is Open To:

This study is no longer recruiting patients. 

This Study is Not Open To:


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