Women's Sexuality After Gynecological Cancer Treatments

Surveys, Registries, Interviews
Virtual or in-person interview to share personal experiences of sexuality after gynecological cancer treatment(s).

Study Contact Information:

Jessie Desir, M.S. Ed., RN, AMB-BC, ONC by phone at 631-942 5608 or by email at [email protected]

About the Study

This study aims to allow women with gynecological cancer (ovarian, fallopian tube, endometrial, primary peritoneal cancer) to have a voice in expressing their unique experiences of sexuality after their cancer treatment. 

What the Study Involves

Women will participate in two interviews, either face-to-face or virtually to share their experiences of sexuality after gyneclogical cancer teatment(s). 

Contact Jessie Desir, M.S. Ed., RN, AMB-BC, ONC by email if you are interested in participating in this study. 

Participants who complete the requirements will recieve a $20.00 amazon gift card.

Lead Researcher

Jessie Desir, M.S. Ed., RN, AMB-BC, ONC
Barry University
631-942 5608
[email protected]

This Study is Open To:

This Study is Not Open To:


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