Young, Empowered & Strong: Web-Based Symptom Monitoring and Self-Management for Young Adult Breast Cancer Survivors (YES Study) identifier:
NCT04906200 (

Quality of Life
Women diagnosed with breast cancer between the ages of 15-39

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About the Study

The goal of this study is to measure whether a web-based patient-reported symptom monitoring and self management portal, Young, Empowered & Strong (YES), improves the quality of life of young breast cancer survivors when compared to standard of care symptom management.

Type of Study 

This is a randomized study with two separate treatment groups.      

Participants are placed into one of two study groups by chance, and neither the participants nor the researchers choose the group into which the participants are placed.


What the Study Involves

Participants will be randomly placed into one of two groups. Participants in both groups will complete a total of 4 surveys over 9 months. 

Study Sites


New York


This Study is Open To:

Women ages 15-39 (at diagnosis of breast cancer) who were diagnosed with stage 0-III breast cancer within the last 3 years.

This Study is Not Open To:


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