Studying the Targeted Therapy Olaparib Given with Radium-223 for Advanced Prostate Cancer with Bone Metastasis identifier:
NCT03317392 (

People with castration-resistant prostate cancer with bone spread

Study Contact Information:

Contact:  Rana R McKay  858-822-5354 or by email: [email protected]        

About the Study

This study is measuring the best dosage for and side effects of the drug combination Olaparib and radium-223 to treat men with metastatic, castration-resistant prostate cancer that has spread to the bones

This study is no longer recruiting patients

Type of Study


This is a randomized study with two separate treatment groups.      

Participants are placed into one of two study groups by chance, and neither the participants nor the researchers choose the group into which the participants are placed.

The study allows crossover. Participants in Group 2 whose cancer gets worse will be allowed to switch to Group 1 and receive olaparib.

What the Study Involves

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New Jersey




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This study is no longer recruiting patients.

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This study is no longer recruiting patients.


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