Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer in US

Surveys, Registries, Interviews
People with metastatic pancreatic cancer and their caregivers

Study Contact Information:

Rebeca Castiñeira / [email protected]  / 619 816 2292

About th Study

Global Patients along with IQVIATM, a worldwide healthcare consulting firm, is currently conducting a research study, to better understand the experience of patients and/or caregivers of patients living with metastatic pancreatic cancer.

We would like to invite you to participate in this study, which includes a 60-minute semi-structured interview with one of our senior healthcare researchers. The interview will focus on your experience with metastatic pancreatic cancer. We are interested in learning about the symptoms and impacts that you face due to your condition. The interview will occur at a time convenient for you.

In appreciation for your time and insight, we are offering compensation in the form of a gift card. 

If you are interested in this study, please contact [email protected]

What the Study Involves

Eligible participants will take part in a 60-minute web assisted interview. They will need to access from a computer or laptop. In order to be eligible, they will need to answer some prescreening questions by email, complete some extra questions on a quick phone call and they will need to provide us with a Confirmation of diagnosis (an official form for the study filled by their doctors). They will receive their incentive for the interview and the confirmation of diagnosis once the interview is completed. Payment is sent within 7/10 days via a virtual card. 

Lead Researcher

Oren Meyers, PhD, MA, BA

This Study is Open To:

This Study is Not Open To:


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