Survey: How Willing are You to Participate in Different Types of Clinical Trials for the Prevention of Breast Cancer?

Study Contact Information:

Cecilia Mastrogiacomo: [email protected]

About the Study

This study looks at why women at an increased risk of developing breast cancer are interested or uninterested in participating in breast cancer prevention clinical trials. The study consists of a 10-15 minute (max) anonymous questionnaire that asks hypothetical questions about participating in clinical trials with various study designs. This study’s findings may be used to better inform how to best design clinical trials aimed at the prevention of a breast cancer in the future. NOTE: This study is no longer enrolling.

What the Study Involves

This study entails taking an anonymous, online questionnaire. The questionnaire should take an absolute maximum of 15 minutes. There are no other requirements for the study. Visit this link to take the survey.

Lead Researcher 

Dr. Alison Stopeck; Stony Brook University Hospital

This Study is Open To:

NOTE: This study is no longer enrolling.

This Study is Not Open To:

NOTE: This study is no longer enrolling.


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