PARP Inhibitor (Niraparib) in Patients with Inherited or Tumor PALB2 Mutations in Advanced Solid Tumors (PAVO) identifier:
NCT05169437 (

Any advanced or metastatic solid tumor except ovarian or prostate

Study Contact Information:

Study Contact Information:
[email protected]

About the Study

PAVO is an open-label Phase II study investigating if the study drug, a PARP inhibitor called niraparib (Zejula), is safe and effective for certain people who have been diagnosed with an advanced solid tumor with either an inherited or tumor PALB2 mutation.

All participants will receive the study drug, niraparib. Study participants will be dosed with niraparib orally once daily throughout each 28-day cycle and be evaluated via CT or MRI scans every 8 weeks for approximately one year. Participants will have the opportunity to report patient-reported outcomes (PROs) while on study treatment at the scan intervals.

This study is no longer enrolling people.

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This study is no longer enrolling people.

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This study is no longer enrolling people.


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