PROMISE Registry: A Prostate Cancer Registry of Outcomes and Germline Mutations for Improved Survival and Treatment Effectiveness identifier:
NCT04995198 (

Surveys, Registries, Interviews
A screening registry for people diagnosed with prostate cancer

Study Contact Information:

Contact the study coordinator at this email:

Study phone line: 646-449-3363

About the Study

PROMISE is a nationwide registry of prostate cancer patients with inherited mutations by screening approximately 5,000 participants with a prostate cancer diagnosis.

The PROMISE team is studying how these mutations affect patient outcomes. We hope to help patients learn more about their disease, the treatments that they may benefit most from, and any research studies that they may be eligible for.

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What the Study Entails

Study participants will be asked to:

PROMISE is completely free. Participants don’t have to leave their current healthcare provider or their house to join.

Lead Researchers and Affiliation

Co-PI: Heather Cheng, MD PhD

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

University of Washington


Co-PI: Channing Paller, MD

Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center

Johns Hopkins University

Study Sponsor and Coordinating Center: Prostate Cancer Clinical Trials Consortium

This Study is Open To:

  1. Assigned male at birth
  2. 18 years of age and above  
  3. Documented evidence of prostate cancer through:
    • tissue biopsy,
    • PSA greater than 100 ng/dL, and/or
    • clear radiographic evidence of disease
  4. Must live in the United States (including the US territories), as of the date of consent

This Study is Not Open To:

  1. Unable or unwilling to provide all of the necessary information for eligibility
  2. Incomplete eligibility criteria


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