Atorvastatin ± Aspirin for Colorectal Cancer Prevention for People with Lynch Syndrome identifier:
NCT04379999 (


Study Contact Information:

Contact: Yana Chertock, MA by phone: 215-214-3216 or by email    

About the Study

This study will look at how well atorvastatin (a common cholesterol lowering agent) works with or without aspirin in preventing colorectal cancer in people with Lynch syndrome. Atorvastatin may lower the risk of developing cancers in the colon and rectum. Aspirin may reduce the risk of colon polyps and colon cancers. Giving atorvastatin and aspirin may work better at reducing the risk of colorectal cancer (CRC) in high-risk individuals with Lynch syndrome.

What the Study Entails

Participants in this study will be divided into two groups based on their prior history of polyps/cancer.  Both the researchers and the participants will know about the treatment being administered to each group. 

At entry to the study, all participants will undergo a colonoscopy and biopsy of normal tissue.

After 6 weeks of taking prescribed drugs, study participants will undergo a second colonoscopy and biopsy of normal tissue.

Study Site

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Fox Chase Cancer Center
Contact: Yana Chertock, MA by phone: 215-214-3216 or by email    
Contact: Michael Hall, MD, MS by phone: 215-728-2791 or by email   

This Study is Open To:

Men and women between ages 18 years to 75 years can be considered for enrollment in this study if they have:

This Study is Not Open To:


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