Research & Clinical Trials

Participating in research allows people to contribute to medical knowledge and offers the opportunity to receive cutting-edge care.

Goal to Enroll

Goal to Enroll

FORCE is on a mission to enroll 15,000 people into HBOC-specific research studies.

Why is this important?

Research is the only way to improve prevention, detection, and treatment for cancer.  HBOC clinical trials are in urgent need of participants. Until these studies are completed we will not see FDA approval for targeted therapy, better screening, or safer prevention.

How will we succeed?

Our 4-point plan will help us achieve this mission:

  1. Building the first national research registry by and for people affected by HBOC-related cancers
  2. The ABOUT Patient-Powered Research Registry is the research registry built by and for the HBOC community. Our registry will allow us to reach more people with information about clinical trials.

  3. Engaging our community to govern and steer our research network

    We need community involvement to build and guide our network. We are training members of our community to participate in research advocacy. Learn about our FRAT program and how you can get more involved.

  4. Forging strategic partnerships to help us reach more people
  5. To accomplish our mission, we are partnering with other organizations who are committed to helping us reach our research enrollment goals.

  6. Broadcasting research and matching people to clinical trials

    FORCE has a database of current studies enrolling HBOC patients and a list of featured research studies.

How can you help?

Help us achieve our goal of enrolling 15,000 people in HBOC Research.

Recognize a Loved One

The FORCE Research Advocate Training (FRAT) Program is a basic educational course aimed at preparing people to become engaged in research advocacy on behalf of the hereditary breast and ovarian cancer community.

Join the ABOUT Network

The goal of the ABOUT network is to enroll as many Americans with HBOC risk as possible into our research registry and to collect information and real world health care experiences that can be used along with information from medical records to improve care for people with HBOC.

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