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Wherever you are in the process of determining your cancer risk or risk management options, there is a good chance that others are going through the same thing and are available to offer support.

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Visit our Chat Room

Our Regular Chat Schedule

Monday, 10 pm EST, Previvor Chat:
Specifically for women who do not have cancer but are at risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Wednesday, 9 pm EST
Open to all

I love to tell people that they are not alone; there is an entire FORCE support network to help them.?

Marisol Rosas,
FORCE Helpline Director and Previvor

Welcome to the FORCE Chat Room

Newcomers are welcome! Please join us to share experiences and support, ask questions, or just to visit and get to know other people facing a high risk of breast and ovarian cancer.

Chat terms

If you're new to chats or to this subject area, you may see some unfamiliar abbreviations or terms. In some cases, these will be the same sort of thing used in chats elsewhere on the Internet -- for example, OTOH means "on the other hand" and LOL means "laughing out loud." You can search for these terms online.

Our own shorthand

Sometimes we use our own shorthand for terms related to our particular concerns. For instance, we often write "bc" for breast cancer and "ovca" for ovarian cancer. (Okay, so we're not consistent!) We've created a glossary of these terms to get you started.

Connect with others.

Received Personalized Guidance

Get matched to a Peer Navigator Volunteer who has faced a similar journey and receive 1:1 personalized support and resources.


Join a Local Group

FORCE has outreach groups throughout the United States and in Essex, United Kingdom that meet periodically to offer peer support, and share resources.

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