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Butterfly Project

Caplan Memorial Fund

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Please make checks payable to FORCE. Put Caplan Memorial Scholarship Fund in the memo field. Send checks to:

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Butterfly ProjectWelcome to the Butterfly Project! My name is Molly, and I am sixteen years old. In November 2010 I celebrated my Bat Mitzvah. Because it is traditional to do a “Mitzvah” Project (Mitzvah means “Commandment” and often is referred to as a Good Deed”) in connection with this celebration, together with help from my family, friends, and very generous business partners, I created the Butterfly Project.

When I was six, I lost my grandmother, Brenda Caplan, to breast and ovarian cancer. Both my mom and my great-aunt are BRCA positive, and my great-grandmother had breast cancer as well. Because my family has been so affected by hereditary cancer I decided for my mitzvah project to do something that would help people with cancer. I particularly wanted to do something with FORCE because that was the organization that helped my mom so much.

The purpose of The Butterfly Project is to raise money to support the Brenda L. Caplan Memorial Scholarship Fund for FORCE . This fund was created at the same time as my project to provide financial scholarships to people who would like to attend the FORCE Conference.

Why Butterflies?

Butterfly Project Watercolor by MollyButterflies have come to symbolize many things. For some people they represent transformation; for others, they signify freedom. Since my grandmother’s death, butterflies have always had a special meaning to our family.

But, one of the nicest representations of butterflies can be found in the Native American Legend.
It says, if you have a secret wish, it will come true if you capture a butterfly, whisper your wish to it, and set it free.

Thank you?

One of the greatest things I learned from this project is just how willing people are to help if asked.

Sally Spicer Handbags did not know us when we reached out to them but they jumped in with unbelievable generosity and expertise to make the items we are selling as elegant, classy, and beautiful as my grandmother was.

Thank you also to my cousin, Rachel Malovany, for creating an outstanding collection of butterfly themed items including mugs, note cards, pens, luggage tags, gift tags, canvas bags and many other gorgeous items for sale. Rachel donates up to 40% of the proceeds from her Butterfly Project Collection and 10% of all other items she sells to the Memorial Fund.

Finally, I want to acknowledge my grandfather, Myron Caplan, who took my idea to create a fund in my grandmother’s name, and made it a reality by providing the endowment.


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Your purchase of any our special butterfly themed items support FORCE and the Brenda L. Caplan Memorial Fund.

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