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Maralee Schwartz

Maralee created a fund in her sister's name as a living tribute by educating others about hereditary mutations.

“We receive so much gratification meeting with the couples who are able to attend the remarkable FORCE conferences because of the Elise Shapira Scholarship.”

Evelyn Philipps

“Flowers always make people feel better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine for the soul.” These words of American botanist Luther Burbank ring true for artist and FORCE donor Evelyn Philipps of Bethesda, Maryland. Since retiring from her career as a social worker, she has dedicated herself to her art: a collection of watercolor paintings of colorful flowers and serene landscapes that, without doubt, uplift the people who appreciate her work.

Linda Shecter

Linda Shecter is a 19-year ovarian cancer survivor. She stood out to the FORCE staff as an early, generous lead donor to the HBOC Hero Campaign in autumn 2018 with a donation significantly greater than her past support. FORCE pooled Linda’s gift with other pacesetter donations. Lead donations of $65,000 provided a dollar-for-dollar match pool for all year-end donations.

Madeline K.

Future Physician Plans to Bridge Doctor-Patient ‘Experience Gaps’

In the future, when she is a practicing medical doctor, FORCE donor Madeline K. looks forward to the chance to create a better understanding between physicians and their patients with genetic mutations. Read Madeline’s inspiring story here.

David Nixon

CEO of InformedDNA is an Inspired Corporate and Personal Donor to FORCE. For FORCE board member, David Nixon, professional interests quickly became personal after he began working with and learning more about Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered (FORCE).

Tammy Li

“From my personal experience, attending the Joining Forces Conference was transformative.”

Tammy recently made a major gift to fund 2018 conference scholarships for those in financial need. Her donation marks the second time Tammy has made a major contribution to conference scholarships.

Sandi Ogin

There was a great deal of cancer in her family, so as a young woman, Sandi Ogin, a transplant to Denver from New York, was always ultra-careful with self-breast exams. On her father’s side of the family, there was a history of aunts and cousins with cancer experiences. Her own father had endured two different cancer episodes, eventually passing away from multiple myeloma. Before him, his mother had succumbed to what Sandi suspects was ovarian cancer.

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