The Hope Chest Art Exhibit

Phoenix Outreach celebrates National HBOC Week with The Hope Chest Art Exhibit

In celebration of HBOC Week, Hope Chest, a collaborative traveling sculpture exhibit about hope and the stories of genetic cancers opened a the Virginia G. Piper Cancer Center with a special reception.

The Hope Chest exhibit displayed bust sculptures made by Rachel Householder and hand painted by local artists. Each bust shares the model’s story and is evidence that even with a cancer or previvor diagnosis, there is still a feeling of beauty, both inside and out.

Phoenix Outreach Co-Coordinator Rachel Householder and her daughter
Kira standing next to their sculpture

The models (from left):  Lisa Edwards, Kiersten Kern, Rosalie Kern, Carrie Katai,
Rachel Householder, Ann Wertman, Monique Sisneros, and Sandra Neville

The Chests